Monday, May 4, 2009

New Trapezoidal Windows

I haven't posted for awhile. A tremendous amount of work has been done, but for the last few weeks, a lot of it was stuff you wouldn't notice so much - the electrical wiring was all redone; the subfloor in the entryway was all taken out and redone since it was not level; the semi-functioning sliding glass doors were replaced; plumbing work was done; and a lot of work was done on the plenum for the heating system. Finally, at the end of last week, drywall started going back up. Here's a view of the kitchen, and a shot of the area just to the right of the kitchen - "the cube" which houses the pantry and the laundry room.

Our custom windows came in for the front of the house and one of them got installed today. Here's how the entry room looked this morning, with the old windows and door.

And here's how it looks now!

And here's some intermediate steps- tearing out the door and windows-

Tearing out some more to accomodate the new door and windows-

Framing in the new door and windows-

And now-

It still needs some more work but we're really excited how it looks from the inside to have nice big windows up there. And another, smaller trapezoidal window will be added to the other side of the front of the house in the next few days, it'll go on the other side of the fireplace. Stay tuned!


baz_mcm said...

The clerestory windows and new front door location are a nice improvement. Love it actually.

Great work.



Scott and Lara said...

D and J:

Wow! Lots of progress! You look like you are not in the home stretch. Love the oversize truck you used to bring the cabinets home... did you sleep in that thing along the way?

I need to make a trip out to check it out. Keep the photos coming.