Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Modern Weekend in LA

We went to LA last weekend, catching the California Modernism show at LACMA before it ended. That was tremendous fun - they had everything from iconic furniture to textiles to an Avanti to a reproduction of Charles and Ray Eames' living room (with the actual furnishings). Or check out this Airstream!

 And you could peek out back at the latest installation which will be unveiled any day now - the giant (340 tons) rock (that you may have read about as it traveled through California) perched over a slit in the earth. It isn't finished yet, the rock is wrapped up like a Christo!

And by the way, if you happen to go to LACMA, the modern show ended this weekend, but you should definitely catch Chris Burden's Metropolis II in action - see listing for times - it's terrific.

But the highlight of the trip for me was our visit to the Stahl house. The Stahl house was Case Study house number 22, designed by architect Pierre Koenig, along with the house's owner, Buck Stahl. The house is open for tours a few days a week. If you're lucky, Buck Stahl's son Mark will be there and can answer your questions. The house tours are limited in size to a small group of people which makes for a nice, quiet, intimate experience. As with most things in life, the house was not quite what I expected. It does not sit alone on a huge spread of land - it is actually on a hillside chock full of other houses - and is on a mere 0.25 acres of land, which is pretty much all hillside. Driving up, all you see is a wall and a fence. You wouldn't give it a second look.

But once you go through the gate, the tremendous house and its tremendous view open up in front of you.

And the house is really smaller than I'd imagined.

Nothing grand or pretentious, just a fabulous fabulous house. I'm so glad we got to go see it in person. Highly recommend if you're going to LA. Book a reservation in advance!

John also went to the Petersen Automotive Museum, they were having an exhibit of scooters. I'd like this one-

Or perhaps this car and trailer combo -

But for the weekend, we had fun in our stylin' Fiat 500-