Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like - Home

Hard to believe. We moved into this house 11 months ago. At the time, our other house was still on the market and had not sold. We had half of our furniture here and half at the other house, "staging" it. When the other house finally sold, some of the furniture was sold with it and never came here at all. So we borrowed some furniture, knowing we'd have to buy a few new pieces after the remodel. When we started remodeling this place, all excess furniture was returned to its previous owners or gotten rid of since we were now living in half of our living space.

Well, now the remodeling is basically done and we are able to move into our new space. Miraculously, the new sofa and barstools we had had on order for months arrived within a day of each other. We quickly re-borrowed (on long term loan) some furniture from John's sister - their dad had been quite a collector of MCM and Danish furniture and we finally had the perfect place for some of it! So everything was able to come together fairly quickly in the last few weeks. Still have more decorating to do but we're getting there. It's actually starting to feel like home. It feels great. We really love it. It was worth the long haul.

But back to where we left off. John needed to assemble the Ikea wardrobes in the hallway - they function as our entry closets.

The entry used to seem too big, but with the cabinets and our garage sale slat bench, it all seems correct now.

Here's the view from walking in the front door - the "cube" in front, housing the laundry and pantry, and a cute little Danish chest I bought on ebay and which subsequently Greyhound mauled. I've got a claim into Greyhound so here it sits with its dents in it until I find out what will happen to it. Need some fabulous artwork here!

Then here's the view from the end of the pony wall. The barstools, sofa, and cabinet behind the sofa are new - the Ikea cabinet behind the sofa houses the fiestaware collection I inherited from my grandmother - but just about all of the other furniture is inherited from John's dad Lou.

The sputnik lamp is new, from lamparts on ebay. I love this lamp!

We still haven't come to an agreement as to what shoud go on the display shelves. I think John's vintage radios should go up there and he doesn't. He thinks the view from the back is ugly (it's not) and who is going to see them from the back anyway except us? Still under debate.

When we bought the house, we joked that it needed an intercom. So - ebay! It's a vintage Rangeaire intercom with tubes! John will get it working - it'll have connections to intercoms in various rooms of the house, the electrician wired it all in. But it still needs more work. For now, it's just for show. We love it although John isn't sure if it fits in. (It's in the hallway right by the kitchen.) I love all the dials and switches.
Here's something I got on ebay years ago - an old industrial sign of Reddy Kilowatt saying, "Live Better Electrically." I talked John into moving it home from our shop, I thought Reddy fit right in here at the end of the hallway.
And here's the current view of the entry, with a Scandanavian rug from Lou on the back side of the pony wall.

We're getting there and it's feeling homier every day!