Monday, December 21, 2009

A Little Atomic Splendor for the Holidays

We did a little bit of decorating for the holidays. First, John hung icicle lights all along the front of the house just as the previous owner, June, had done. She left us all her lights and I think they look terrific.

We also bought a vintage aluminum tree on ebay. No, it doesn't have the rotating color wheel but it did come with a rotating stand. So the whole tree s-l-o-w-l-y rotates. I love it and it made for easy decorating. The aluminum branches are a bit precarious and won't take much weight so we put the lights under the tree this year.

And finally, here's an old plant stand I got at a thrift store years ago. We filled it with icicle lights and set it in our front entry.

Christmas is a great time to be in Santa Fe - there is the traditional farolito (bag o' lights) walk down Canyon Rd. on Christmas Eve, and since we live pretty close to there, we're having an open house this year. If you're in Santa Fe for the holidays, come on by on Christmas Eve!!! A happy holiday season to all - and here's to lots of midcentury marvelousness in the coming year!