Saturday, March 16, 2013

Meet Dennis and TG

A few months ago we were up in Denver and went to a fun store specializing in midcentury stuff. What was fun about it was that it had a lot of old stuff, and the place went on and on....the kind of place to root around in and find unexpected treasures. Which is exactly what we did. John found an old TV from 1957 and mentioned it to me, but said he didn't need to be buying another TV. I said to show it to me anyway and I fell instantly in love. Especially when I saw the price had been marked down several times. Had to have it. Told him I would put it in my office if he didn't want it in his.

Isn't he cute? With his own little rolling cart? I named him Dennis and I think he looks like a little robot.

Well, we got him home and John couldn't resist trying to get him to work. So he took Dennis apart and worked some magic and now Dennis is as good as new. Except, of course, you can't just get broadcast TV any more without a box - but you can attach a DVD player and play DVDs.... so, velcroed to the bottom of the TV is a DVD player. And John actually uses it to watch his yoga DVDs! Here pictured, though, is a more period appropriate DVD.

Fast forward a few months. We went to Florida a few weeks ago and got a big dose of midcentury goodness at the fabulous Mai Kai Restaurant. It's a Polynesian restaurant that has been in continual operation since 1956 and is still going strong. It has a hula show, waterfalls, exotic drinks, the works.We had a great time, dining outside by the waterfall, and catching a bit of the hula show on our way out. Highly recommend if you find yourself in Ft. Lauderdale. Anyway, I got a big dose of tiki tacky that night but resisted the urge to buy tiki glasses, etc. I just wasn't ready to dip my toes into the tiki waters....  until today. I went to a garage sale and there was an old 3' high fiberglass tiki god. I couldn't resist. It's so funny, it is black but is supposed to look like wood, the top even has tree rings molded into the fiberglass. Anyway, TG now lives happily in our back yard and I'm very happy John loves him as much as I do. :-)