Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Deck and Beyond

Sorry it's been such a long time since I've posted. It was a long long winter here and winter is not the greatest time for doing house projects. John worked on plans for our new deck and I mainly worked on decorating. I found a few pieces of furniture on ebay - since it is really hard to find vintage MCM furnishings in Santa Fe. I just purchased an expandable slat bench on ebay-

We had a slat bench here before that we had bought at a garage sale, but it was too short for the space. Love the new one.

We also bought an Adrian Pearsall/ Craft Associates coffee table on ebay. Of course, the glass arrived in a million pieces. But after a lot of haggling with UPS, I got paid for a new one.

And here's a cute little Paul McCobb/ Planner Group drop-leaf desk that I grew up with. Just threw it in the back of our Honda Fit and brought it here from my mom's. It's terribly sun faded (on the outside) but is otherwise in great shape. So we eventually need to get it refinished.

I also bought some FLOR carpet tiles to replace the rug I had in the kitchen, whose cheap rubber backing had started to stick to the wood floor.... I threw in a couple of darker tiles for some added interest....

And John has gotten started on the deck. He ripped the old sagging, peeling one out a month or so ago

and just poured foundation piers today.

The new one will be a lot bigger, about where the orange ribbon is in the top photo. Hopefully it'll be finished in a month or so.