Saturday, May 9, 2009

Another Window Goes In

Well, the other trapezoidal window went in this week also. We love how muAdd Imagech light we now have in the living room. And we love how the outside of the house looks. (Some day we will get around to having it repainted and the color scheme will change. But that's another project for another year.)

We ended up having to put a pony wall by the front door - which separates the entry from the living room. We had always planned on putting something here but we weren't sure how we were going to do it - perhaps make something like a giant bookcase or entertainment unit sort of thing that could function as a room divider but could be moved if the need arose. Well, the contractor told us the new door/ window area needed structural support and we would need that pony wall to be permanent. So in went a pony wall, I really like it.

And here's a shot just to the right, with the newest window.

And an overview, from down the hall. The beam is where the old weight bearing wall was. Much more living room space now, much more openness, and much more light.

I wanted to post some old pictures of everything so you could have a pre and post comparison - and when I was looking at old pictures, I found a video I'd made, touring the inside of the house. It was really fun to look at this again so I thought I'd post it. This is from right after we moved in, I see we are sort of camping out. Anyway, enjoy! Things have really changed. :-)
As you can see from the above photos, a lot of drywall work was done this week as well. The sanding is almost complete, then they will paint. And then, the Ikea cabinets can go in. They will go in before the flooring, as the floor is an engineered floor that will be floated and the cabinets cannot sit on top of the floating floor. Other work that needs to be done soon - fix the cap on the chimney, which is cracked and which John tracked down as the source of our roof leak. Gotta get the roof leak fixed before the floor goes in.
And finally, our yard is just starting to really look lovely. The lilacs are in full bloom and the apricot tree is finally green (we did have a hard freeze when it was blooming weeks ago so no apricots this year but that's ok)- had to throw in a shot of what I see out the sliding doors from my workroom-


baz_mcm said...
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baz_mcm said...

This is looking fantastic. With eyes glued I read. Your vision is transposing into reality with precision.

The dedication to see it through is always rewarded.

Did I just sound like a fortune cookie?