Monday, August 29, 2011

Denver Modernism

We finally made it to a modern show! A friend has been going to the Denver Modernism show for years and it just hadn't worked out for us to go until this year. The timing turned out to be perfect - we had just finished phase 2 of our remodel and wanted to go up to Denver to the new Ikea to buy some bookcases for John's office - so it worked out perfect to go there last weekend.

It was a great little show. Not as many vendors as I would have hoped for, but it was still great fun and the prices were really terrific. The show prides itself on having something for everyone, in all prices ranges, and they were right. We went on opening night, had drinks at the tiki bar, had some fried cereal at Charles Phoenix's booth, caught a little of the Miss Modernism pageant, and did some shopping. The last booth we came to had some vintage Jensen Selig Z chairs that I had always admired. They were in terrific shape and the price was really reasonable. Still, how would we get them home with the Ikea bookcases in the back of the LandCruiser? So - we slept on it but ended up going back and buying them when the show opened on Saturday. Ikea always manages to pack things in impossibly small boxes - so we had no trouble fitting the 2 chairs in the car with 3 Ikea bookcases and miscellaneous other purchases. So we are now the proud owners of 2 Z chairs!

We had a great time in Denver and definitely hope to go to the show again next year. We also toured the Arapahoe Acres area of town (in Englewood), which is a lovely MCM neighborhood. Too bad they didn't have any house tours here, like they did during Modernism weekend last year. We also went to a few antique stores - some on S. Broadway (0-100 block and 1800 block) and a new place, Mid Mod and More, at 1716 Boulder St. It's in a cute little modern house right near downtown. And of course there are the classic modern stores there, Mod Livin' and Zeitgeist, but we skipped those this trip.

We just finished our remodel so will post about that soon. Still putting on the finishing touches though. But in the meantime - here's a few more additions to our vintage collection. First - a goofy little 1950s wire fruit basket I found in Roswell -

And finally, some friends are moving away and cleaning out and gave us their vintage Panasonic Panapet radios! Woo hoo! I love these, I had one as a teenager myself except mine was an orangey-red. It's great to have the pets around.

So stay tuned for remodel news. Sorry about any crazy formatting here, I'm doing this is Google Chrome for the first time and the formatting is not working like it's supposed to!

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Uncle Atom said...

I just posted about my own Z chairs recently. If you got them at a good price you won't go wrong, and they're so comfortable to sit in.