Saturday, October 10, 2009

We're Not in Kansas Any More

We're home from Kansas. When I last posted, we had had a lot of fun shopping but hadn't really bought anything. Well, we found one more cool store in Kansas City on our last morning, it was called Weird Stuff. It was just the kind of dusty old place that we really enjoy. The kind of place where the longer you stay and dig around, the more stuff you find. Well, they had a whole bunch of radios and John ended up buying 3 more for his collection-

We also ended up with some fun old vintage magazines.

Then we hit the road and left Kansas City, headed for home. We scored again though, in Dodge City, at the Happy Trails Flea Market (indoors). It was an antique mall kind of place and had a little bit of everything. I got a vintage popcorn popper for 10 bucks - it heats up but I don't know if I'll really ever use it to pop popcorn, I just like its retro rocket look!

And I got a little copper enamel dish for $3 that matches the kitchen tile perfectly.

So, we're back home now and happy with our finds. Guess I'll just have to keep shopping on ebay and craigslist for that perfect vintage coffee table....


Mark said...

All those things look great - what finds!

jaye o said...

Gee, and you coulda bought the Pillsbury dough boy at Weird Stuff boutique.
Love the radios and rocket popper!