Thursday, September 10, 2009

Grilles, Screens, and Blinds

In the last post, I mentioned how the metal fabrication place had gone ahead and fabricated the grille for the end of the plenum without giving me an estimate and then they made it too big. Well, they had it fixed by the next day. I think it's a cool looking 50's-ish style of perforated metal and I'm pleased with it.

On the fireplace front - our contractor had recommended someone to us and he turned out to be great. He did a lovely job making a custom fireplace screen and a matching screen door to go over the space housing the stereo cabinet (former wood box). The stereo door looks a little wonky here as it isn't mounted on the wall just yet.

John made a nice stereo box with fully extending shelves to access the back of all that electronic equipment in there. And having a screen door in front (not pictured below) means the remote works through the door.

And finally, we ordered some vertical blinds from Smith and Noble. They had seemed to be in a good middle price range and we liked the fact that their Customer Service was so accessible and friendly. So we got those on Tuesday and John installed them over the last 2 evenings. I like them and the mechanism seems pretty good, but the valance over the top seems cheap. (I see we didn't even have the valance up yet when I took these pics.) And installing the chain at the bottom is not explained in the instructions and looks to be a royal pain so I haven't tackled that yet. But I think they look really nice and are certainly the right look for the room. We made them so they are longer than the actual sliding glass doors and hang outside of the space the doors are in. That way, when they are pulled open, the stacked blinds do not cover any of the window space, but are stacked over on the side, in front of the wall. (I think we figured out that the 8' sliding glass doors worked out to a stack depth of about 15" - surprising how big that is.)


Baz Mcm said...

Looking good guys. What are you going to do once the renovation is over?



John and Diane said...

The renovation will never really be over! This phase may be over but there are still bedrooms and bathrooms and landscaping and the driveway which is a mess and and and....! We may be taking a break from the big stuff this winter but we'll still be doing little stuff and we're already talking about redoing the deck next summer, it is sagging and the paint is peeling and it is certainly due. Anyway, at this point it's all kinda fun and not so intrusive. Can you imagine your house ever being DONE?! I think houses always need SOMEthing...