Saturday, February 2, 2019

Outside The Living Room

Well, it has been years since I've last posted. But wanted to quickly document what we've been doing over the past few years.

Our living room has big sliding glass doors that look onto a small patio and side yard. The side yard was overgrown and had a funky concrete fountain in it that had been filled in with concrete and no longer worked. I always wanted to get that area prettied up since it is in full view of the living room - but the other interior remodels came first. So finally, in 2015, we ripped out the old wooden structure with the wavy fiberglass panels on top and the crumbling concrete patio floor, which had been painted green by previous owners-

and installed a higher steel frame with polycarb panels. We redid the concrete as well. Some landscaping was done, a new fountain was installed, and we were very happy with it all. But then the big blue spruce tree in the corner of the yard, that provided shade, died and had to be cut down.

Once the tree was gone, our ugly old fence that had needed replacing was now more obviously crooked and ugly than ever, so that whole end of the side yard got more landscaping and Chris Musselman helped us design a new improved fence! Here's a view from the street of our old fence (we never bothered to paint it to match the house since we always planned on getting rid of it. Always hated the color!)

Chris came up with several different new fence ideas and we picked this version-

Which translated to this finished product! Ha, it looks a little crooked too in this photo but it isn't :-)

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