Sunday, January 23, 2011

Planner Group Catalog

I grew up with quite a bit of Paul McCobb's furniture from the Planner Group. We had a coffee table, two end tables, a drop lid desk, and some bookcases (with and without the sliding glass doors). The coffee table and end tables were given away a few years ago but mom still had the desk and bookcases. The desk was sitting in the garage and we nabbed it a few months ago. She had thought she had saved the original brochure (she saves everything) but we had been unable to find it. However, I was back visiting last week and we came across it. Pretty cool to see the original catalog of all the designs, with some prices that my dad had scribbled in. I have scanned the whole brochure and am posting it here for anyone who wants to study it. Enjoy! You should be able to click on each picture to be able to read the fine print.

These last two are part of a big foldout and overlap a bit - sorry -


Unknown said...

What a treasure to have the original brochure! Love your Dad's price notes, too.

Do you have any idea of the year of this brochure's publication?

Since it has a postal zone instead of Zip code, I think that means it's pre-1964, but an exact year would be nice to know.

John and Diane said...

@Maggie- I talked to my mom and she said they bought the McCobb furniture around 1958 so that's when the brochure is from!

Jaye O said...

Yes, reminds me of the 50's. We had some similar furniture... the color schemes Mother used were "Chinese red", deep green, and chartreuse. Quite chic at the time!

Miss RM said...

That stuff is gorgeous! Thanks for scanning the original brochure!